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We offer exciting guided tours and immersive experiential journeys, specifically designed to immerse you in the art of the 20th century at the Museo del Novecento. Our mission is to promote the enjoyment and enhancement of the museum heritage in an inclusive and participatory manner, through interdisciplinary programming that focuses on accessibility, mediation, and interculturality. You absolutely can't miss the brand-new exhibition!


Our guided tours and experiential journeys are designed to provide you with an engaging and in-depth experience. Our experts guide your artistic journey, unveiling the stories, secrets, and curiosities behind the exhibited works. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the museum, being inspired and enriched by the beauty of 20th-century art.


Did you know?

Located in the striking Palazzo dell'Arengario in Piazza del Duomo, the Museo del Novecento is home to an extraordinary collection of over four thousand Italian artworks from the 20th century. Opened to the public on December 6, 2010, the museum aims to spread knowledge of 20th-century art and provide a more comprehensive view of the collections that Milan has accumulated over time. In addition to the exhibition of works, the museum actively engages in the conservation, study, and promotion of Italian cultural and artistic heritage of the 20th century, aiming to involve a wide and diverse audience. The museum is organized into different sections that open up to the city.


The Permanent Collection, arranged in a chronological path, guides you through collective and monographic spaces. You start your journey immersed in an exceptional nucleus of Futurist works, then explore sections dedicated to the 20th century, Spatialism, Arte Povera, and encounter great Italian artists such as Boccioni, Carrà, de Chirico, Morandi, and Fontana. Every step you take is an opportunity to discover the incredible artistic richness that characterizes the Italian cultural landscape of the 20th century. Regenerate responsea.



We kindly inform visitors that due to technical reasons some halls of the museum route are only partially accessible. We apologise for the inconvenience.


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