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Museo del Novecento

Museo del Novecento - Playful tours

Art is fun, with playful tours of Museo del Novecento by Ad Artem.

Museo del Novecento

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Guided tour for Primary school

Discover the Museo del Novecento

Choose Ad Artem to embark on a journey through a unique artistic treasure: the Museo del Novecento in Milan. We are ready to immerse you in the fascinating world of contemporary art and guide you through one of the most significant collections of Futurism in the world.


You encounter an incredible collection of 20th-century artworks that embrace international avant-gardes and celebrate the Futurist movement. Admire the creations of renowned masters such as Picasso, Matisse, De Chirico, and many other artists who have left an indelible mark in art history.


What can you see?

The museum offers an exhibition path dedicated to the protagonists of the Italian and international art scene from the 1960s to the 1980s. Contemporary art finds ample space with works by world-famous artists like Carol Rama, Fabio Mauri, Alighiero Boetti, Anselm Kiefer, and Joseph Kosuth.


Join us for a unique experience where passion for art merges with in-depth knowledge provided by our professional guides. Discover the Museo del Novecento and be inspired by the beauty and cultural richness of 20th-century art.


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Ad Artem, the official dealer of the Museo del Novecento as far as educational activities are concerned, offers lab tours designed for schools of all levels. Ad Artem's workshop visits are divided into two parts: first, a guided tour of the museum rooms, aimed at introducing students to contemporary art and art making; then, in the workshop, the participants put into practice what they have seen in the exhibition, giving vent to their creativity, rediscovering gestures and materials, and enhancing manual skills. The workshops are modulated to the age and field of study of the participants. Fill out the form or email for more information.


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