Itinerario a piedi
team building arte milano eventi aziendali musei
team building arte milano eventi aziendali musei
team building arte milano eventi aziendali musei
team building arte milano eventi aziendali musei
team building arte milano eventi aziendali musei

City tours

The World in Milan - Team building in the city

A special team building experience that takes us around the world, without leaving Milan.


90 min.

Proposta per Gruppi aziendali

Milan City Tours

Explore Milan with the city itineraries of "ScopriMI" by Ad Artem: we accompany you on a series of walking routes to uncover the city's secrets.


You have the opportunity to participate in monographic visits to the main monumental complexes of Milan. Immerse yourself in the layers that often characterize Milan's architecture, discover hidden places, and admire the works of great artists.


To ensure a quality experience, groups are limited to a maximum of 25 people. You are guided by a professional guide from Ad Artem, who is an expert in telling the city's history and secrets.



Join us for a unique adventure through the streets of Milan. We unveil hidden treasures, share fascinating anecdotes, and take you to places that narrate the city's millennia-old history.


Book your visit with Ad Artem now and get ready for an unforgettable experience with the city itineraries of "ScopriMI." We are ready to share with you the beauty and cultural richness of Milan, offering an engaging and authentic guided experience.


Be inspired by the history and art of Milan with Ad Artem's city itineraries. We are excited to accompany you on this adventure and let you discover the unique charm of this extraordinary city!

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Ad Artem offers city tours that, without leaving Milan, takes you around the world. It is a series of walking itineraries that activate the visitor's gaze and lead him to discover the districts of the city.

When we visit a foreign city, our attentive gaze often leads us to seek and find points in common with familiar places. With 'The World in Milan' we want to do the same and discover the city with a look that goes far.

The itineraries are available in English and Italian: an ideal choice to allow those who are in Milan for the first time to discover the city and its districts.

Milan and Amsterdam: Navigli
Itinerary: Basilica di San Lorenzo, via Arena e via Conca del Naviglio, Darsena, Naviglio Pavese e Naviglio Grande, Vicolo dei Lavandai

Milan and Prague: Porta Venezia
Itinerary: Piazza Oberdan, Casa Galimberti e Casa Guazzoni, Ex Cinema Dumont (attuale Biblioteca Venezia), Palazzo Castiglioni, Palazzo Berri-Meregalli, edifici arch. Andreani, Casa Campanini

Milan and Paris: Brera
Itinerary: Accademia di Brera, via Brera, piazza San Carpoforo, via Formentini, via Madonnina, Corso Garibaldi, Foro Buonaparte, Parco Sempione (con vista sull’Arco della Pace)

Milan and Siena: sestieri storici
Itinerary: Cinque Vie, via San Maurilio, piazza Borromeo, Torre dei Morigi

Milan and London: CityLife
Itinerary: Casa Verdi, Villa Romeo, piazza Giulio Cesare, Residenze Libeskind, Tre Torri, Milano Congressi, Residenze Hadid

Milan and New York: Porta Nuova
Itinerary: viale Liberazione, piazza Alvar Aalto, piazza Gae Aulenti, via Gaetano De Castillia, Palazzo della Regione Lombardia


  • Castello Sforzesco
  • Cenacolo Vinciano
  • Milano
  • Museo del Novecento
  • Novara
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
  • Vedi tutte