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Cenacolo Vinciano

Cenacolo Vinciano - Special events

Organize your event or special evening in the prestigious context of the Last Supper Museum

Cenacolo Vinciano

90 min.

Guided tour for Corporate groups

Official guided tours are made by Ad Artem!

The visit to the Cenacolo Vinciano is an immersive experience, where the narration of what is happening before our eyes meets the personal contemplation of the painting.

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The extraordinary opening of the Cenacolo Vinciano includes a guided tour of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and the whole complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie. With Ad Artem and with the management of the Last Supper Museum you can personalize your event and create ad hoc cultural itineraries, possibly combining a convivial moment with refined banquets in the halls of Santa Maria delle Grazie.


The guided tour lasts 60 minutes (45 minutes + 15 minutes in front of the Last Supper); Bookable every day of the week with availability check and quote confirmation; Reservation requests are currently open for the whole of 2023. As far in advance as possible is requested. Groups from 30 visitors.



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