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Castle battlements

Castle Battlements - Guided tour

An unprecedented tour that takes you to the battlements of the Sforza Castle where you can admire the Milan skyline from a unique and suggestive point of view.

Sforza Castle

90 min.

Guided tour for Primary school, First grade secondary school, Second grade secondary school

Along the Battlements of Sforza Castle with Ad Artem

Explore the battlements of Sforza Castle and admire the city of Milan from above in all its splendid beauty!


Join a guided tour on the ramparts of Sforza Castle, an exclusive experience that allows you to enjoy an extraordinary and unique view of the city. You are accompanied by our expert guides and the custodial staff who leads you along a secret path, revealing the authentic charm of this Sforza residence.


Don't miss the opportunity to look down upon Milan and discover the allure of Sforza Castle. Book your guided tour on the battlements now and get ready to admire the city in all its grandeur!


Join us for an unforgettable experience atop Sforza Castle. Witness Milan's skyline from a unique perspective and be enchanted by its timeless beauty.


What will you do?
  • Guided tour on the battlements of Sforza Castle, exclusively accessible with our guides and custodial staff
  • Observe the city from an extraordinary and unprecedented viewpoint
  • Experience the allure of Sforza Castle as a true Sforza residence, visiting a secret route
What do you need?
  • A pair of comfortable shoes suitable for the walk
  • A water bottle (recommended)
  • The visit is allowed from the age of 8 and above for safety reasons.
  • The route is not recommended for those with mobility or cardiac issues due to its height and various steps.
  • The tour is confirmed even in case of inclement weather, unless official communication is given in cases of severe conditions.
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The walkway on the crenellated allows you to look at the castle from an exclusive point of view and you can enjoy a wonderful overview of the city, observing the skyline of Milan as you have never seen it. You go up to the highest part of the castle, along the walkways that connect the various towers, and the tour ends in the Guard Room, inside the Torrione dei Carmini, where you can observe the faithful reproductions of the weapons that characterized the soldiers' equipment. A unique experience, not to be missed!


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