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Castello Sforzesco

The Covered Road

The most interesting part of the Castello Sforzesco’s underground passages is the circuit of the Secret Covered Road and its spin-offs, almost all of which lead to the artillery osts of the so-called Ghirlanda (ring). These were part of the complex that once defended the Castle on the side facing the open country. The passages are lined with uncovered bricks. Numerous large doors probably existed once - as can be deduced by the presence of hinges - whose function was to prevent the enemy from running rampant in case one of the rooms was taken. In some parts of the underground network, passageways were dug into the walls. These are clearly visible due to their very regular surface. These works were probably carried out in the early nineteenth century, by Napoleon’s order, to contain mine pits - intended to raze to the ground the Visconti-Sforza nucleus of the Castle - and which were never used. The tunnels leading off from the Secret Covered Road contain cement pipes that descend from the vault and are buried into the floors. These are most likely what remains of the disposal system for waste from the overlying rooms of the Ghirlanda, installed before the Ghirlanda itself was pulled down and turned into barracks. This means other ancient underground rooms, reused as static pits, remain to be discovered.


Duomo of Milan

A monographic tour to the symbol of the city of Milan. After recalling the Visconti origins of the Duomo observing the apse from outside, we go through the gothic interiors with the extraordinary glass walls and the tall pillars decorated with lush capitals. If desired, it is also possible to ascend the terraces on the top of the cathedral, or to explore the archeological sites of Santa Tecla and of Saint John Baptistery, below it.  

Museo del Novecento

Novecento Museum | Piazza del Duomo

The tour allows the visitor to approach the main themes of Twentieth century’s art in a captivating way. This is achieved through a constant dialogue between painting, sculpture, architecture, music and photography. From Pellizza da Volpedo’s Quarto Stato, to the ingenious works of Kinetic Art,from  avant-garde to the return to pictorial tradition, the visitor is able to discover the rich collection of the Museum through the analysis of the main masterpieces displayed.


The great monuments of Milan

The Sforzesco Castle, the Duomo, the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and the Scala square: the most important and iconic monuments of the centre of Milan are presented in a stroll through over six centuries of Milanese history, discovering art and anecdotes.  

Castello Sforzesco

The Castle’s Battlements

A unique tour that opens exclusively for Ad Artem’s visitors. We are able to visit quarters of the castle’s walls where public access is usually forbidden. The ascent on the battlements, ramparts with patrolling functions connecting the many towers of the Castle, allows to behold from a privileged point of view the structure of the castle in the Renaissance, in its double function as a defensive stronghold and a residence, also bestowing a beautiful view of the city. Note: The tour is forbidden to children below the age of 10

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Porta Nuova

A stroll in the most modern area of the city, to compare today's skyscrapers to the ones of the Sixties, not forgetting the old artisan and industrial Milan that has vanished to give place to the new buildings. We will discover the materials and the techniques of modern constructions, the designs, the systems and the energetic structures.  

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